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Crepe Tape

Crepe tape is applied to the top of open mouth sacks immediately prior to stitching, it improves the appearance, reinforces the stitch and stops product sifting out the top of the sack.

We stock:

  • Range of colours and widths
  • Natural, White, Black, Red, Blue, Green, Purple
  • Core centres range from: 20mm, 50mm, 76mm
  • Diameters range from: 200mm, 460mm, 500mm, 600mm, 610mm

    Colour Cones /reels/ spools per box Core Centre Diameter Width
    Natural 6 50mm 460mm 55mm
    White 6 50mm 460mm 55mm
    Black 6 50mm 460mm 55mm
    Natural 4 76mm 610mm 45mm
    White 4 76mm 610mm 45mm
    Black 4 76mm 610mm 45mm
    Red 4 76mm 610mm 45mm
    Blue 4 76mm 610mm 45mm
    Green 4 76mm 610mm 45mm
    Purple 4 76mm 610mm 45mm
    RWPYellow 4 76mm 610mm 45mm
    Natural 3 76mm 610mm 55mm
    Natural 4 76mm 500mm 60mm
    White 3 50mm 610mm 60mm
    White 5 50mm 460mm 60mm
    Black 5 50mm 460mm 60mm
    Blue 4 50mm 460mm 65mm
    Black 4 50mm 460mm 75mm
    Natural 64 20mm 200mm 50mm
    Blue 64 20mm 200mm 50mm
    Red 64 20mm 200mm 50mm
    White 1 pallet 76mm 600mm 30mm

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