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Polyester Sewing Thread

Sewing thread for portable bag closers, bag closing machines.

All our thread is high yielding, which means more sacks stitched per cone of thread. Our thread can be used for all types of sack including multi -wallpaper, plastic sacks, woven polypropylene, jute and hessian. Our thread is 100% polyester, manufactured from high tenacity continuous filament yarns.

The thread is knot-free and lubricated with food-grade oil, virtually eliminating thread breaks.

Typical uses of the polyester thread are closing all types of sacks, including multiwall, paper, plastic, woven polypropylene, jute and hessian.

We carry a large stock of various sizes of thread that are high-quality and sold at a competitive price. These can be despatched for next day delivery if required.

We stock all sizes from 200g to 10kg in a variety of colours.

Weight (per cone) Colour Ply Cones /reels/ spools per box
200 gram White 4 ply/12’s 40
1.5kg White 5 ply/12’s 12
3kg White 5 ply/12’s 6
5kg White 5 ply/12’s 4
10kg White 5 ply/12’s 2
200 gram Blue 4 ply/12’s 40
1.5kg Blue 5 ply/12’s 12
2.5kg Blue 5 ply/12’s 8
5kg Blue/White 5 ply/12’s 4
200 gram Blue/White 4 ply/12’s 40
1.5kg Blue/White 4 ply/12’s 12
2.5kg Blue/White 4 ply/12’s 8
4.5kg Red/White 5 ply/12’s 4
200 gram Blue 4 ply/12’s 40

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